The all heavy steel construction safe is equipped with 1 drawer and 2 shelves and has an electronic lock for basic theft security, deterring burglary and shrinkage. This safe carries a 2-hour fire label and is water resistant. Overall: 32 H x 23.22 W x 20 D

Turtle Lightweight Vertical Fireproof File Safe with Key Lock. Both safe and file drawer offer fire protection. Top opening has a 1.3 cu. ft. concealed safe with keylock. Drawer 2 files letter or legal size documents and has a UL Class 350 one-hour fire and impact rating and has a ETL Verified Mark 1/2 hour fire protection hard drives, CDs, DVDs, flash drives. Overall: 34 H x 20 W x 25 D

The Honeywell Large Digital Steel Security Safe (2.8 Cubic Feet) is a blend of both high quality and utility. The safe is easy to use and offers excellent functionality. It can be used in most offices and homes.nnThe Large Digital Steel Security Safe (2.8 Cubic Feet) by Honeywell is made from steel that ensures excellent durability. It is available in multiple finishes. The safe is available in digital lock with a LED readout that is powered by four AA batteries and keeps its contents secure... Overall: 21.7 H x 15 W x 18 D

Gardalls heavy duty concealed wall safes are designed for commercial and home use, hidden by a picture or mirror. A single fixed shelf, which is positioned approximately 4 from the top of the safe, aids in organizing the safes contents. Optional 1 flange for easier installation Recessed door discourages prying attacks Fixed shelf helps organize safe contents Wall studs must be 16" apart for installation

With programmable fingerprint and digital keypad entry, the Sentry Safe Fingerprint Safe provides flexible security options for the home or office. And with one hour fire protection, ETL verified water protection and a suite of security features, its protection you can depend on. Overall: 23.8 H x 18.6 W x 19.3 D

Dual compression latches Water, Fire, and Impact Resistant Tamper Proof UL Listed Eco-Friendly

The Steel Wall Safe with Electronic Lock is built with one very important mission: to protect what matters most to their customers. As their world is a dangerous place, there is not a better or more reliable safe. The product is designed to be mounted in between the studs on a wall. This safe is perfect for securing small high dollar items in a location you dont want anybody to know about. Overall: 22.5 H x 15.38 W x 3.75 D

The Trademark Global Hidden Wall Safe can help you conceal valuables and personal effects in a wall recess. This diversion safe is a wonderful union of utility and convenience. It is designed to quickly mount on a wall.nnThe Hidden Wall Safe by Trademark Global is made from a combination of high-grade plastic and metal, and this lets it last for a long time. This diversion safe resembles an ordinary wall-mounted receptacle for electrical appliances. It has a lock that resembles a mounted screw... Overall: 7 H x 3 W x 7 D

Overall: 38.3 H x 21.5 W x 23.8 D

The Barska Large Biometric Safe dimensions allows for storage of multiple items such as electronics, important documents, jewelry, small firearms, and much more. This technology is a must have for your home or for office security. Has the ability to store up to 120 fingerprints, allowing access for multiple users. Like all Barska Biometric Safes, you can depend on the biometric technology to give you the ability to quickly access your belongings in seconds. The three point solid dead bolt... Overall: 19.75 H x 13 W x 19.5 D

If you are considering a depository safe, look no further. We are pleased to introduce the SureDrop 7875 Digital Keypad Depository Safe by the Paragon Lock and Safe Co.. It is perfect for the home, office or work place. It was designed with the intent to be compact yet fully functional. The SureDrop Depository safe offers 2 options to open: code or key. Digital entry eliminates the need for making multiple key copies. Its easy to operate and program. An easy access deposit slot makes it simple... Overall: 9.75 H x 13.75 W x 11 D

The First Alert Fire Safe [0.8 CuFt] provides storage and safety for your valuables. The safe is easy to use and offers excellent functionality. It can be used in most offices and homes.nnThe Fire Safe [0.8 CuFt] by First Alert is made from premium quality material that ensures excellent durability. The safe is available in either a combination or digital lock type, providing perfect security. The digital lock features a LCD display with an angled and lighted keypad. It also includes a key lock... Overall: 17.25 H x 13.25 W x 13.88 D

Overall: 55 H x 21 W x 16 D

Overall: 24 H x 14 W x 15.6 D

Protex IF-1212C in-ground floor safe. This floor safe is the smallest model in our line of floor safes. Overall: 12.25 H x 9.5 W x 9.5 D

Latch holds cover closed in locked or unlocked position. Removable seven compartment tray with storage underneath. Carrying handle. Overall: 4.3 H x 11 W x 7.75 D

The Honeywell Steel Security Digital Lock Safe 1.1 CuFt provides storage and safety for your valuables. The safe is the perfect blend of functionality and style. It can be used in most offices and homes.nnThe Steel Security Digital Lock Safe 1.1 CuFt by Honeywell is made from steel that ensures excellent durability. The safe has a digital lock with a LED readout that is powered by four AA batteries and keeps its contents secure. The 1.1 cubic feet size of the safe provides excellent storage... Overall: 8 H x 19.5 W x 15.8 D

Keep up to 200 keys organized and secure in this key cabinet. Four pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware included for easy installation. Chart insert can be used as a log sheet and or a key index to keep track of keys. Overall: 21.75 H x 14.75 W x 5.5 D

Protect your valuables and belongings with the biometric fingerprint LCD keypad safe. Fast, secure and reliable safe makes keys the thing of the past. The safe offers top of the line locking system upgraded 500 DPI optical fingerprint reader, numeric digital keypad and LCD display. Store up to 32 unique fingerprints and 1 PIN code into the non-volatile memory. The advanced optical sensor will only recognize the registered fingerprints, and the PIN code / key acts as a backup in case the safe... Overall: 8 H x 17 W x 14 D

The media vault from FireKing is a compact, affordable, stand-alone storage safe that is designed to protect heat-sensitive valuables, including data and information storage media. Whether its microfiche, photographs or computer data on virtually any standard media (see chart on back), the media vault will protect it from dust and fires up to 1700 u030a F. The media vault is the only compact and affordable media safe of its size designed to meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) class 125... Overall: 10.5 H x 11.625 W x 17.5 D

The SafeInside Portable Security Case allows you to secure your credit cards, identification, cash, keys, jewelry, wallet, smart phone*, and other small valuables when you are on the go. This case is ideal for the beach, pool, gym, camping, travel, work and more. It features a three-dial lock that can be reset to create your own three-digit combination and a six inch vinyl coated steel security cable that can securely tether the case to bikes, chairs, fences, etc. The cable is fully... Overall: 8 H x 3.9 W x 1.2 D

The First Alert Steel Key Lock Commercial File Box is a blend of high quality and versatility. The box offers storage and safety for most of your important paperwork and documents. It helps keep them organized and secure.nnThe Locking Steel Box by First Alert has sturdy steel construction that ensures years of reliable use. The powder coated black finish adds durability to the box. The formal looks add a touch of sophistication to the file box. The box is the perfect organizer for your files... Overall: 10.5 H x 13.5 W x 6 D

Mesas 1/2 hour fire rated Ammo Safe is the perfect addition to your Gun Safe. Reduce accidents by keeping ammo. With its approx. 7.5 cu ft capacity and 4 sturdy, adjustable shelves, this will meet the needs of even the most robust ammo collector. Overall: 55 H x 20 W x 20 D

B rated for foundations Full length dead bar Spring loaded re-locking device Powder coated for more durable protection 5 Chrome plated solid steel locking bolts

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